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A successful launch party!
The EP launch party took place at The Brunswick in Hove on Thursday 9th July. It was a roaring success and everyone had a great time. Needless to say the free glass of wine and chocolates for everyone that came along, went down really well and was nice to do something different like this, to make the event very special indeed.

So kids, how do you prove that you're better than everyone else at school? By wearing the Second Time Lucky youth t-shirt in medium (width 18 inches, length 23 inches) of course! It has a white splash logo on black with a white 2TL logo on the left arm sleeve. And it's awesome.

Pre order your copy of the Second Time Lucky album "Drink, Sleep, Repeat". Nothing beats having an awesome copy of the CD in your collection, along with the awesome artwork (12 pages of it!) that you just don't get with a download. Postage and packing with standard delivery is free to those ordering from the UK exc NI and channel islands. The CDs are due for delivery this week!

It's the infamous Second Time Lucky t-shirt in large (width 22 inches, length 30 inches)! A black tee with a white splash logo on the chest and a white 2TL logo on the left arm sleeve; could you look any cooler when wearing this? Probably not.

After a hard day, what could be more relaxing than coming home and listening to one of Hattie's CDs? Getting in a bath surrounded by yummy Hattie Snooks scented candles, I venture to suggest... Not that they smell like Hattie Snooks. They smell like coffee, cinnamon or vanilla. And you can pick three of them to burn together for a miniscule price. Just let us know which three on the order form.

The debut album from Second Time Lucky, "Drink Sleep Repeat" is a mega sixteen track CD full of upbeat poppy ska punk tunes from the punchy "Let's Go Hardcore" to the mellow "Watch Me Go", this is a must have for any ska fan. The tracks are downloaded to you in DRM free mp3 audio in 320kps quality.

Nothing beats having the physical CD in your music collection, especially with the unusual, challenging and inspiring artwork that makes up so much of the character of the EP, which was produced by Martin Wright from the Brighton Institute of Modern Music. Price includes standard postage and packing to the UK exc NI and the channel islands.

Mara Project and the album 'Long Way To Go' is almost complete and will be released digitally via Rann Records, it should be available very soon on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and all the rest!

The importance of music in our daily lives

Living the daily routine might often get you bored and though there are things you can change in order to avoid it, there are still some routine we cannot change at all. Luckily, we have music in our lives which makes these moments easy to deal with and our life much more relaxed and happy through the positive energy we receive.

How can we entertain our daily lives?

The overall mood when we listen for music is changing depends on the gender we are listening. If you choose to listen for rock or punk songs, you will get full of energy and you suddenly there are so many things you want to do. You could listen for this music when you workout with one of your escorts that has the same hobby as you, working her beautiful body while listening for some good plays. Thereafter, you can choose some of the best CDs from your collection and listen to them at home while cooking.

On the other hand, if you listen for pop albums, the energy level will slow down until you still feel the good mood but you are just enjoying the moment. This is the perfect one to listen when you have dinner with your escorts. They would appreciate the ambiance created by the songs you have chosen, although they usually like the club music which allows them to dance sensually all night long in the most expensive locations. These beautiful ladies are accustomed to spend their time with gentlemen in exclusive locations where they enjoy the parties and make you feel special.

Why is music so important?

Music is important for our spirit mostly if we listen for it in the morning, so don’t hesitate to download your favorite songs on your smartphone and listen to them on your way to working. You will come to the office smiling as if the best day is waiting for you. Even when you work you could listen to it depending on the nature of your activity. While your colleagues would feel like sleeping, you would still be smiling and getting actively involved. You can send the best songs to your escorts and they would highly appreciate that you are thinking about them.

No matter how tired you are after a long week, during the weekend you may recreate yourself by listening for some relaxing music in the company of your lovely escorts at http://www.eros.com or in any other place you both choose upon your preference. Even if you have a coffee out, you will find some nice songs to make you feel good and ready to share experiences and thoughts about what you’ve been doing lately.

Music will always remain the best way of relaxing yourselves or your clients. It is a beautiful art of expressing so opposite feelings to such a large audience and to meditate or to relax your mind. Whether you attend a special occasion, you’re in a nice place out or you’re in our cozy home, you can all relax and enjoy life through the sounds you are listening with so much pleasure.

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