Re-emergence from hibernation
OK, I haven't actually been asleep this whole time, but I have been away for a fair while and for that I am sorry. I have no excuse other than my being a bit rubbish. I suppose this situation is similar to when you haven't spoken to someone in a while and you wonder 'Has it been too long now? Are they secretly glad I don't call anymore? Will they even remember who I am?' so you put off phoning them for a bit longer because you're embarrassed. But I have taken the brave step to re-connect with you, my dear readers, mainly to stop myself raiding the fridge because it's late and I am peckish.

Rann Records is pleased to reveal a gem of a sound, folk singer Hattie Snooks has been signed to the record label. Hattie is a jewel in the Brighton music scene and her songs will be available on an mini album which will be released this year.

Hattie, 20, originally from Andover in Hampshire and now residing in Brighton is currently studying at the Brighton Institute of Modern Music (BIMM) and with a past that involves Rock Academy, as well as a regular coffee shop set spanning four years, Hattie is no stranger to performing in front of live audiences of all shapes and sizes.

Hattie is signed to a different kind of record label. One that doesn’t control the music styles with puppet strings and where the artist retains the rights to the music. It’s a fair bet that Hattie, along with label mates Second Time Lucky; have the most generous deals an artist could wish for. We love it when people ask us what Hattie sounds like, Hattie doesn’t sound like anyone else and it’s for this very reason we signed her. Hattie has her own unique sound and style like no-one else. Because of this, Rann Records is not your average record label and Hattie is not your average artist and it’s this partnership which means that something very exciting is happening.

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